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You’ve probably been dreaming of a nice stone patio area outside your back door where you can relax with family and friends. A place where you can pull up your chairs to a table and enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

We’re ready to build that patio for you! We’ll carefully lay out the options for you and ensure that your finished patio is what you picture, down to the last detail.

Let’s get started!

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Outdoor Kitchens

There’s no place like the kitchen - unless it’s an outdoor kitchen! Grilled steak and potatoes are on the menu this summer and it’s time to get them cooking in the great outdoors.

Customize your gathering place with the perfect countertop, a pleasing array of appliances and the storage you need. We’re ready to help you make this the cooking experience of your dreams.

The only thing we need yet is your ideas. Are you ready?

Outdoor kitchen


What better way to enjoy a cool summer evening than relaxing in a soft chair by a crackling outdoor fire! Add some pleasing cosmetics like a stone hearth and wicker chairs and you’re all set.

Does that mental picture inspire something inside you? Bring your dreams to reality by telling us about your inspiration and we’ll help with our experience and attention to detail.

You’re sure to love the end result.

Outdoor fireplace


You can almost see and smell it - the beauty and fragrance of wisteria as it wraps it’s vines up the sides and over the top of the sturdy slats of your backyard pergola.

A way to combine nature and architecture, building a pergola is an alternate way to gain some shade without the confines of a pavilion or porch.

Beautiful and attractive, you’ll love the touch it provides to your outdoor space.

Outdoor pavilions


It rained on your picnic - again! Before you give up on outdoor picnics, we have the perfect solution for you. Try a pavilion.

Available in many shapes and sizes, colors and styles, pavilions can add a touch of class to your backyard and be useful in hosting outdoor gatherings and other events.

We would love to help you brainstorm and build your perfect pavilion. Give us a call to see how we can help you!

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Shade Sails

You’re ready for some protection from the elements, but you don’t want to alter the current deck or patio you already have. Sometimes a less expensive and extensive option is better.

Shade sails can be custom sized to your outdoor space and give you the shade from the sun you’re looking for. We’ll help you find the color and style that best suits you!

Take the next step - you’ll be glad you did!

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